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Love having sex? Enjoy smoking a joint after work or on a Sunday morning hike? Single? Taken? Interested in improving your mind, body, and spirit in a positive, holistic way? Us, too.


HIGHLY UNTAMED is a wellness brand and publication devoted to empowering women by sparking the conversation about the “taboo” subjects that most of us keep private — sex, relationships, cannabis, and health.


There’s currently no place on the internet (that we’ve found) that shines a light on these 100% natural topics. And we have no fucking clue why.


So it’s our mission to create a comfortable, casual, and public space for anyone and everyone that:


  • caters to the everyday woman who’s comfortable with (or wants to become comfortable with!) her unique sexuality, personality, and pleasures.
  • is a go-to source for discussing our sex lives, love lives, passion for weed, health, spirituality, and everything in-between that makes us awesome.
  • works to remove the stigma against all of these things.


Which vibrators will help you become your own best lover? What are the most delicious snacks to eat when you’re high? How can you survive Mercury Retrograde without wanting to jump off of a cliff every five minutes? Which bath bomb brands won’t give you a UTI? What can you do to spice up your boring relationship?


If any of these topics pique your interest, then HIGHLY UNTAMED is for you.


Welcome to our revolution! Join us.