About Highly Untamed

Highly Untamed is a lifestyle publication with a focus on achieving wellness through healing and pleasure.

K, cool. WTF does that mean?

Our mission is to shed light on what it truly means to live well, attain pleasure, and holistically heal your mind, body, and spirit… but like, in a way that’s actually easy to understand and implement into your daily life. Our goal is to remove the stigmas that try to silence us and stop us from becoming our highest selves by talking about the “taboo” shit that most of us keep private. Come read (and share!) personal and expert-backed stories about sex, relationships, cannabis, mental health, spirituality, traveling, and everything in-between.

Which toys will help you become your own best lover? What are the most delicious snacks to eat when you’re stoned? How can you survive and thrive during Mercury Retrograde? Which bath bombs won’t give you a yeast infection? What can you do to spice up your boring relationship (and TBH, is it even worth trying)?

If any of these topics pique your interest, or if you’re passionate about sexual wellness and mental health, enjoy smoking a joint after work or on a Sunday morning hike, love crystals, tarot, and other spiritual shit, then Highly Untamed is for you.

Welcome! We’re excited to share this journey with you. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram to keep in touch.

Morgan Mandriota standing in front of red and green trees by Georgina Berbari

Meet The Creator

Morgan Mandriota (she/her) is a New York-based writer for the internet and the creator of Highly Untamed. She covers sex, relationships, health, wellness, and travel for Betches, Cosmopolitan, Health, mindbodygreen, SheKnows, SHAPE, Tinder Swipe Life, Well+Good, and many other leading publications. This project is dedicated to our personal journeys of pleasure, healing, the intersection of the two, and the questions asked, stories shared, and lessons learned along the way. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.