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What It’s Like To Get Your Nipples Pierced According To 11 People Who Did It l highlyuntamed.com

  If you’re reading this, then you probably want to pierce your nipples and you’re wondering what to expect when you get them done… or you’re just someone who wants to read about what it’s like to get your nipples pierced.   Either way, you’ve come to the …

May 6, 2019
What It's Like Having A Parent Who's Transgender

  At the end of 2017, my dad came out to me as a transwoman. To be honest, I really wasn’t surprised. Little things began to add up over the years, and I had suspected that my dad was somewhere on the queer spectrum for some time. I …

April 4, 2019
13 Natural Ways To Cope With Anxiety & Depression - HIGHLY UNTAMED

  According to Mental Health America, over 44 million American adults have a mental health condition. I am one of them. If you’re reading this, you probably are too.

March 8, 2019
  • THANK YOU to everyone who shared their experiences to make this awesome compilation of “what it’s like to get your nipples pierced.” Go read these 11 crazy, funny, empowering, and disgusting stories from people who went through the piercing experience. Link in bio ⛓🎉
  • 🌟 REMINDER 🌟 everybody’s path looks different. Stop comparing yourself and your journey to those around you. You’re doing fine. [cred: @themindgeek]
  • HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY 💐💐💐 if you’re fortunate to have a loving mother or mother figure in your life, get the fuck off Instagram and go hug her and tell her how much you love and appreciate her! ✨
  • “Flying over the Magical land of No Fucks Given” collage art #repost by @sarashakeel #sarashakeel 🖕🏻🌎🌄
  • HOW CUTE ARE THESE AVOBOWLS BY @elevatejane?!?!? Happy cinco y’all 🥑🎉💚
  • THANK YOU to @sadpartyqueen for contributing such a great, informative, and personal piece to our blog! Link in bio to read “What It’s Like Having A Parent Who’s Transgender” ✨
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  • 13 Natural Ways To Cope With Anxiety & Depression by @morganmandriota | link in bio to read. ✨
  • Mercury went retrograde today and I’m already feeling all sorts of f*cked up. Is it March 28th yet? 💀💀💀

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